Video Projects

Ode To Space and Memory, 2020

Cinematography and Editing

Choreographed by Maria Gillespie, Performed by the students
of the Department of Dance at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.
This work premiered at Falldances, September 2020.

Taking Over, 2020

Cinematography and Editing

Improvisation with artists University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Faculty:
Mair Culbreth, Maria Gillespie, YNOT, Daniel Burkholder, and Simone Ferro.
This work premiered at Falldances, September 2020.

Danceworks Performance MKE – Unite with UPAF May, 2020

Video Editing

Choreographed and performed by Dani Kuepper and video editing by Christal Wagner. This work was presented at the United Performing Art Fund’s 2020 virtual fundraising event.

Exquisite Corpse Milwaukee Movers Edition, 2020

Project Direction and Editing

This is a project that I headed during the 2020 Covid – 19 pandemic. In collaboration with Milwaukee Dance Theatre Network. It unifies 40 movement artists and 2 composers into 1 video. A key element of the project was to help raise funds for the Milwaukee arts community and vulnerable artists who may need more visibility and monetary support to get by.

Nelken Line, 2018

Project Direction, Editing, Filming

In collaboration with Milwaukee Dance Theatre Network and The Pina Bausch Foundation, I helped organize, direct and edit 2 films recreating Pina Bausch’s iconic Nelken line. Our 2 partner organizations were the Lynden Sculpture Garden and Alice’s Garden. We had over 20 community members take part in the film!

Lynden Sculpture Garden Nelken Line
Alice’s Garden Nelken Line

Ab Initio, 2019

Performance and Improvisation

A film project headed by director Lawton hall and cinematographer Michael Marten featuring improvisation and movement by myself.
Shot on the South Milwaukee Shoreline and in studio over 2 days. This film premiered at Danceworks’ Movement Media Lab in 2019.

Aviary, 2017

Performance and Casting

Conceived of and Directed by Cinematographer Josh Halverson. Musical Score created by Cadance Collective and edited by Lawton Hall. Aviary is a movement visual study in entrapment on many levels. Source material for this project was also generously edited into a visual collaboration for a stage piece performed by Cadance Collective at the 2017 Milwaukee Fringe Festival. Aviary won 3rd overall and the “Expression Award” at the 2019 Verve Dance Film Festival.

Excerpt of Aviary by Josh Paul Halverson

Moet Film Fest, 2018

Performance and sound score with Cadance Collective

Short film directed by Sitora Takanaev in collaboration with trio Cadance Collective.

Studies in Space, 2012


Film directed by Tate Bunker that acts as an experimental narrative that explores movement and dance to hopefully see what the eye can not.

St. Yuppie, 2017

Choreography, Performance and Casting

Sat. Nite Duets music video directed by Kurt Raether. Filmed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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