Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and Performance

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


Luc Vanier, Ballet and Alexander Technique, Dance and Digital Media

Janet Lilly, Yoga, Comp, Improvisation

Andre Tyson, Horton

Ed Burgess, Limon, Comp, Partnering

Simone Ferro, Ballet and Pilates

Ferne Bronson, African Dance

Dani Kuepper, Fall and Release and Comp

Darci Wutz, Jazz, Tap and Musical Theatre

Marcia Parsons, Creative movement and Music & Dancers

photo Meredith Watts
photo Casandra Mota

Guest Artist Works Danced

2007 Summerdances, Laura Dean Skylight (1982), set by Roger Bellman

2007 Summerdances, Daniel Gwirtzman Network Premiere

2006 Summerdances, Ron K Brown Truth Don Die Premiere

2005 Summerdances, Clare Byrne Ain’t Nothin Wrong With That Premiere

Guest Workshops

2006 Bill T Jones, Repertoire and Composition, Soloist

2006 Ron K Brown, Saba Dance of Senegal

2006 Heidi Latsky, Composition and Improvisation

2006 and 2007 American College Dance Festival Midwest Region

2007 Troy Powel, Ailey II, Advanced Modern

2007 Sean Curran, Advanced Modern

2007 Bill Young and Dancers, Advanced Modern

2007 Michael Pink, Advanced Ballet

Faculty Works Danced

2004 Summerdances, Isolation En Masse (1999), Tap Repertoire, Darci Wutz

2004 Summerdances, Frog Premiere, Modern Repertoire with technical visual elements and motion capture, Luc Vanier

2005 Winterdances, The Memory of All That Premiere, Musical theatre repertoire based on original archival recordings of the originals, Darci Wutz

2006 Winterdances, Somewhere Premiere, Modern dance repertoire with visual technical media and motion capture, Luc Vanier

2007 Winterdances, Six Premiere, Jazz repertoire, Darci Wutz

2007 Winterdances, Geometry of Aloneness Premiere, Modern Repertoire duet, interactive set design, Simone Ferro

2007 Summerdances, Something’s Coming Premiere, Modern Dance repertoire duet, Ed Burgess

2007 West Side Story Dance ensemble, Directed by Ray Jivoff, Choreographed by Darci Wutz

Choreographed Works

2007 Alva’s Baby’s Blues premiere, Modern dance duet fused with west coast swing social dance, Christal Wagner

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